Why Would You Call A Mechanic

From the outside, the car might look a simple box of machine. But, if you delve deep into each of its components like the engine, the transmission system, the brakes, and others, your vehicle will look like a monstrous object with high level of complexity. Since you are not a mechanic or had done any professional automotive courses, you cannot repair your car by your DIY tools.

For several such problems involving the complex car parts, you will most certainly need a mechanic. These professionals are not only licensed and certified but also possess the knowledge and skills required for proper and assured car repairs.

Before you decide anything, it’s important for you to understand the major car problems for which you need to visit a professional mechanic. And that’s what we will talk about here in this forthcoming discussion.

Engine Repairs

The engine can be considered to be the heart of any vehicle, be it a luxury car like Lamborghini Aventador or a normal Toyota SUV. With the advancements in the car engine technology, the parts and functionalities become more complex. So you cannot understand such mechanical parts and their functional problems.

Moreover, for repairing the engine, you need special tools which only a mechanic has. So if you have any issue in your car engine then you should visit an auto repair shop. Some of the most complicated engine problems that need professional repairs are:

  • Engine overheating
  • Steam or white smoke fumes coming out of the hood.
  • Stalling of the engine on motion
  • Weird noises coming from under the car.
  • Issues with the engine lubricant

Transmission Repairs

The main function of the transmission system is to convert the output power of the engine into mechanical power and then relay it to the four-wheel system, especially the front wheels. Several different types of transmission systems are there, like manual, automatic, CVT, turbo, and others. Each of these systems works in a specific way, and only a trained mechanic can repair such systems. This is why if you face a transmission problem, you need to look for the best professional skilled in this particular domain.

  • Inability to change the gears, both manual and automatic
  • Noises coming from the car in rest state.
  • Gears slipping while driving.
  • Clutch being dragged more than what is necessary.
  • A grinding or shaking tremor passing through.

Windshield Repairs

Despite the cars having glass doors and windows, it is the windshield which is the trickiest part and perhaps the costliest too. Any damage in the windshield will risk not only your safety but also the car’s beauty. Even though many car owners try to fix the windshield problem on their own, but it is very difficult to restore the original condition. This is why rather than relying on those old DIY methods, it’s best to hire a mechanic who can repair the damaged windshield, and replace it, if necessary.

Brake Repairs

Another important part of the car that needs a professional help in both repairing and replacing is the brake system. The brakes are connected to the wheels and are connected with the suspension system. If a problem arises in your car’s brake system, you need to visit a mechanic at the earliest. 

  • Warning lights displayed on the dashboard.
  • Squealing sounds of metals right after you start the vehicle.
  • Grinding sounds at the time of brake application
  • Liquids dropping out of the car from neat the wheels.
  • Burning smell or smoke emission after brakes are applied.


Truth be told, most people ignore the warning signs and continue to drive their car carelessly, thereby creating a room for bigger issues. That’s what will demean your car’s efficiency and performance. So, if you want your vehicle to function in the expected manner, do visit a mechanic rather than trying to do the repair works on own.