Gear Up for the world’s first Cricket NFT game- The meta cricket league!

No matter what your age is, you love playing games. When it is cricket, even if you are an adult, you will become a kid in no time. From enjoying street cricket to watching international one-day matches on your TV, your memories of cricket are just a bundle of happiness. No household says they never had a cricket match running on their televisions. With 2.5 billion global fans, cricket is a game that has everyone’s heart. Have you ever spent all your time in cricket when people asked whether this would earn you money? Are you a gamer who always outperforms in any game you play with impeccable gaming skills? Or are you an NFT buff looking for interesting projects everywhere? For all of you, here is the Meta Cricket League! World’s first-ever cricket NFT game  has been in the spotlight in recent times.

Cricket Into The Meta Realm

So far, you should have witnessed cricket in every set you know. You might have come across cricket games on your mobile phone too. But Meta cricket league is something that is here to offer you the experience of cricket in the Metaverse. Yes! You heard it right, the Metaverse. You already know Facebook changed its name to meta after announcing its serious adoption of this new tech. Metaverse is a digital world where you can co-exist as if it is real, just like Virtual reality. You will be identified in your own avatar in this world.

Meta Cricket league has plans to enter the Metaverse soon, and it will be the first to do so. It is an NFT gaming platform that will give you the vibrance and energy of cricket while paying you rewards for your skills and time. Sounds interesting, right? Let me just tell you more.

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Play cricket and get rewarded!

The web 3.0 model of gaming is bringing a revolution to the gaming industry. The introduction of blockchain technology in bringing decentralization is something that is taking over every sector today, and games are not an exception to them.

Remember when you play random mobile games when you are out of moves, it asks you to pay for it. Similarly, you will have to pay for every new weapon, every new character, and every new costume you need. This is how current gaming works; they are called the Pay to play games. In play to earn games, you will have to buy the in-game items will be of NFTs, and you will have to buy them. Since they are NFTs, you can resell them any time or even rent them.

In Meta Cricket League, you will have to buy 2 NFTs – a batsman and a bowler NFT from the NFT gaming marektplace. This marketplace is dedicated to MCL, and it sold out all the 55,000 Cricket NFTs in just 9 minutes after it was launched.

How to play?

The buying and selling process on the NFT marketplace is very simple. All you have to do is fund your wallet with any payment method of your choice that is mentioned. You can buy the NFT of your choice, and it will be stored in the Guardian wallet.

The Meta Cricket League is all set to launch, and you can play as long as you own 2 NFTs. The game is similar to the normal cricket you already know. You will have to strike the ball looking after the timings and accuracy. You will be able to score singles, doubles, fours, and sixes.

For every run you score, you get JT points ( For every point you score, you get to earn fiat money in terms of USD. You get points for every shot you score and negative points for every wicket you lose. You can check the point details from the whitepaper, which is available in the official MCL site. The whitepaper also gives you the details of the reward fiat currency for every point scored.

Looking ahead!

Having fun in games is fine. Getting rewards for playing games is good too. But is it all worth the investment of your time, money, and effort? It is indeed. MCL is not just some random games you see in advertisements that reward you money based on luck or an algorithm. It is something that rewards you for the skill you show to score in the game, the time and effort you put into it, and also the money on which you bought the NFTs.

“You will get familiar with the game and learn the tricks in just a few matches. A closed community beta test tournament was conducted and the NFT holders who participated earned up to $500 in just 2 hours.”

Even if you don’t play the game, there is a chance for you to earn a passive income through it. Yes! You heard just right. These NFTs can be sold again in the NFT marketplace. You can also rent them for the active players and earn an income from them in the future. With a lot of new web 3.0 based features coming up as future updates, The meta cricket league is already attracting a lot of cricket fans. If you are someone who is looking forward to an earning opportunity or a game that gives you fun and rewards, then Meta Cricket League should be your next landing page.