Now get Yoga and Fitness Training Services through Online Video Consultation in Malaysia


People were stranded indoors because of the wrath havoced by the Global Coronavirus. Nations had shut down Businesses, Schools, and other Offices to prevent the spread of the virus. And because of this, people’s fitness took a toll. Gyms and yoga classes also closed their doors for a while. However, Smart Entrepreneurs in Malaysia soon realized what people are going through, and thus, they came up with something as unique as Online Video Consultation .

Users can find these features exclusively on a Gojek Clone App KINGX PRO


The Online Video Consultation Feature offers many benefits. Let’s get to know them! 

You get a Professional Advice  

We know the basics of being healthy, but we are no experts, unlike Yoga and Fitness Training Coaches. Video Consultation with a Fitness Coach can help one to attain fitness goals in less time because the Coaches will prepare a tailored plan according to goals that you want to achieve. 

These professionals will advise and guide you with the plan from a distance itself! 

You get complete flexibility 

A Fitness On-Demand App lets the Users pick a suitable time for their Sessions. Trust me, Online Training is far better than face-to-face sessions because these are ‘Flexible.’ Want an early Tuesday morning session or an after-work session in the evening, you get to handpick the time slot! 

Communicate with the trainers easily 

In-App Voice Calling and Messaging are ‘plus’ features on top of Online Video Consultation. These features make it a lot easier to communicate and discuss the session. The Users and Trainers can talk over the voice call and message before initiating the Video Call at the given time and slot. 

Online Consultations are affordable

If you’re looking for the perfect Fitness On-Demand App with the most affordable prices, then you know it has to be none other than KINGX PRO

Don’t interpret Affordable Costs with ‘Cheap Costs.’  

All the Yoga and Fitness Training Coaches registered on the App are verified and genuine. How do we know? Well, any Service Provider registering on the App has to provide a bunch of documents for verification. It is only after the Admin verifies and accepts their Registration Request, can the Experts start getting Service Requests. 


When you’re booking a Yoga and Fitness Online Video Consultation Session on Gojek Clone App KINGX PRO, here’s what you need to do. 

Login to the App 

Login to the App first or Register if you haven’t already done so. To avoid the hassles of remembering Usernames and Passwords, login with your Social Media Accounts. 

Go to the Online Video Consultation Section

You’ll see the option right on the Home Page of the App. From there you have to tap on the Yoga and Fitness Instructor Category to move further. 

Select your Coach 

Your App Screen will display several coaches from the selected Category. Browse through their profiles and choose one that fits your needs. You can sort them based on their Background, Experience, Star Rating, Ratings, and Review. 

Book now or Schedule it

The best thing about Uber Fitness App is that you can schedule the Consultation Session according to your preferred date and time. Or, if you want one right now, then you can get instant services. 

Choose a Payment Method 

The User now needs to select a suitable payment method from numerous options such as Cash, In-App Wallet, Credit/Debit Card. after selecting a preferred payment method, click the CONFIRM button to send the service request! 


We live in a Digitized Area where everything and anything can happen within just a few clicks on the smartphone. Whether you’re talking about shopping for your favorite grocery items to achieving fitness goals, a smart app is exactly what you need. 

Entrepreneurs in Malaysia, it is high time you invest in Fitness On-Demand App and become Successful!