Content Marketing Trends in 2021

There will be a major shift in content marketing in 2021, and marketing experts need to plan for it. The change from the subtlest to the most drastic was evident in 2020, and due to the remarkable events of last year, what looked like new technology had already accelerated considerably.

So, what will change the content marketing environment in 2021?

The marketing experts of keyword service share some significant trends that will contribute to 2021. 

1. Visual content marketing

2. Marketing of interactive content

3. Live content

4. Artificial intelligence

5. Micro moments in content marketing

6. SEO

1. Visual content marketing

The role of visuals in marketing cannot be diminished and will remain important until 2021. Marketers need photographs to tell provocative and unforgettable stories that decreased exposure has become the norm, and the amount of content being produced is growing.

The pale colour palette will be the standard in 2021, while vivid colours were all the rage in 2020, possibly due to the excessive use of colour in previous years.

We can see more abstract designs that convey a story and draw the interest of the reader. 2021 will be Picasso’s rather than Van Gogh’s year.

The way these patterns would influence advertisers to design photographs for social media and the way they come up with ideas for infographics.

2. Marketing of interactive content

Interactive marketing, something that will modify all the rules of the game in 2021, is one content marketing pattern that is now taking over the globe. Interactive marketing, an unlikely mainstay of social media, encompasses augmented reality and virtual reality.

With its filters and games, Snapchat has brought augmented reality to a new level. However, immersive content marketing in 2021 would have to go into the virtual realm for companies to create virtual reality filters for their fans to use on their social networks.

Readers want brands to deliver an immersive interface in their website architecture (even by a quick scroll) and their content and live ads.

In 2021, in addition to using them to prevent interaction with actual materials, we would most likely see marketers implementing even more QR or AR codes so that consumers can use their mobile devices to access digital content.

3. Live content

Marketers worldwide have centered their attention on video development, especially to stay on top of their users’ minds during the quarantine. Video views have proven much more successful in reaching viewers than any other content in recent years.

In 2021, however, video marketing is going to change. Production of video can be very costly, but advertisers have seen some social networks boost video metrics, especially live video.

It is not just the sustainability of live video that will be all the rage in 2021: by placing actual people in front of the camera, live content has the benefit of humanising a brand.

Of course, live content has to be prepared – whether talking or showing a product, you don’t want to be dull or making mistakes.

Live streaming is proving to be more entertaining, more social, and more lucrative than created video content, even with these things in mind.

4. Artificial intelligence

You have also found that in the last year, chatbots have been even more advanced than ever. This is because, after a catastrophic deployment a few years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a huge jump.

The AI now used to render chatbots is powered by tools for machine learning. In other words, as they obtain more details, these chatbots are learning more.

Not only will AI be used by chatbots in 2021, it will play a very significant role in data processing, content collection, and also in advertising and campaign delivery.

Brands will have to spend a great deal of time studying how to use AI to get the best out of it in 2021, like most innovations.

5. Micro moments in content marketing

While most brands rely on the final purpose of a consumer experience, marketing experts may have to concentrate more on optimising every step of this phase in 2021.

Owing to the growing prevalence of smartphone search and marketing, the relevance of micro-moments has certainly increased. Therefore, buyers also take part in the experience of the buyer while the buyer continues to perform other duties, enforcing the burden of preserving their trust in the company.

In this sector, AI will be a huge boost – using it to research what has evolved in the past and learn what will be expected in the future will make content marketing more successful and profitable.

6. SEO

Search engines have been adapting since they were developed, but recent technological developments and the pandemic have opened up doors for companies they hadn’t known they wanted.

The way we customise our content for SEO, however, is also changing. Voice search is on the rise owing to the prevalence of voice-activated smartphones. This suggests that there has been a change in the form of queries submitted to search engines.

Marketers would have to adapt their ads to lengthy keywords and complete phrases instead of relying on keywords and key phrases.

The latest Google search algorithm changes would also affect brands: Google no longer lists on a page more than one source from the same website unless it is extremely important.

The future of content marketing

Though the new year has brought some significant changes, everyone is well aware of the pandemic and consumers’ behavior that has changed after this pandemic. Beyond what we have already experienced, particularly in artificial intelligence (in chatbots and data collection), interactivity in advertising, live content, and search engine marketing, 2021 will undergo several significant technical shifts. 

But we’re still going to see improvements in the kind of visual content that consumers will find compelling, from colours to styles, and advertisers will have to be mindful that these tools will be a visual theme. In the digital world, you have to know how to stand out from all the chaos. In response to these improvements, advertisers would have to rely on and maximise the micro-moments in their consumer path that customers encounter.

In the 2021 marketing strategies for the content brands that can respond to these developments would certainly see positive returns. As well as outside. Would you like to share with me a trend? In the comment line, I read you!

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