Ways through which Wikipedia utilized artificial intelligence

As you know, Wikipedia as a community is massive. The platform is commonly known as a free encyclopedia and been built to give free access to information to everyone. However, the platform does not follow strict rules for making edits, meaning that almost everyone can make edits; But the reason behind it is because, the site strives to keep their content as accurate as possible. And in case one writer lacks that information or has incorrect information, the other might be able to correct it. But along with that, comes toxicity as well. 

To overcome this issue, the site has integrated an artificial intelligence which allows them to keep a check on the site. Not only does it ensure that the site and its users follow some certain criteria but enforces guidelines and regulations upon users as well. This is considered to be one of the most effective methods used by an open community, online. 

As an Expert Wikipedia page creator you might know how the site is also susceptible to trolls and those who do not wish well for the site. But instead appear on the platform to entertain themselves. But to combat this issue, the same AI that is used for keeping an eye on edits; focuses on trolls as well.

How AI works to keep trolls away

The AI that has been integrated onto the site flags all comments and responses that are being displayed under the site, and detoxes them. The initiative was taken to help the site go against harassment and behavioral issues that can be experienced from the users from time to time. 

Considering how massive the site is and how it is used by people all around the globe, with an incredibly larger following; the site needed something efficient and automatic. That is where the AI comes in. The machine has not only been crafted with algorithms that are highly intricate and advanced but identifies all human responses. Eventually passing them through reviews in order to conclude whether the conduct was just or not. 

In case the responses are not falling under the guidelines, the user can face consequences such as a ban or their content getting disapproved. This also emphasizes on the voice search importance of an AI. 

Using AI to write content 

The artificial intelligence does not stop there. The platform is notable fir integrating AI to format content and summarizing them under certain styles. Not only does it make processes easier but allows the content to enhance its quality with a flair of human touch. 

These AI systems have been created to master all aspects of a human being. At this point you can either choose to write the content yourself or you can leave it to the AI to do it for you, and the interesting part is that there will be no noticeable difference between the two. The AI is capable of filling in Wikipedia entries as well, without facing any hindrances or issues. 

Whilst the use of AI increases, the artificial intelligence is yet to experience a system that allows it to optimize content on its own. Till now, humans need to budge in and do that. But not long before artificial intelligence takes over this aspect as well. But through the systems, one can guarantee the creation of an adept piece of content that includes all the required information within it along with a complete analysis. 


In short, you can conclude that AI prevails to the far lands of content creation as well. You might have thought that these systems were confined to marketing or technological development only but at this point, they are being used to convey information and messages across as well. 

With the help of these systems you can simply sit back and allow them to do it all for you. However, you might have to agree that there are certain aspects to content creation that are done better through a human writer than an AI; such as adding emotional aspects to a content and making it appear relevant for all kinds of audience. 

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