Differences between WordPress and Blogspot that you must

For bloggers, there are two of the most well-known and largest platforms, namely WordPress and Blogspot. Both platforms have the same function, which is to help you build a website.

Although the output is the same, WordPress and Blogspot have different features. Not only that, the process of using it is also very different.

According to amsa studio, there is a big difference between wordpress and blogspot. Here are the details of the differences;

Difference between WordPress and Blogspot

In simple terms, WordPress and Blogspot are content management systems (CMS) that were created specifically for blogging from the start. But over time, the two began to show significant differences.

Get to know WordPress

To know the difference between WordPress and Blogger, we must also briefly know what WordPress is.

WordPress is a CMS that is open source and allows users to compose their own code. Unlike Blogspot which is still in the form of a personal blog, WordPress is wider.

When you use WordPress, you can not only create a personal blog. More than that, with WordPress you can also create an online store website, streaming service, and so on.

WordPress was first created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little around 2003. They built WordPress because it was inspired by b2/cafeblog, a publishing software that they think can build better than that.

One of the most significant differences between WordPress and Blogspot is the availability of supporting plugins and always updating. As an example of the WordPress SEO Rankmath Plugin which is available for free to help us in optimization (SEO).

Because of the convenience and many supporting facilities, many people feel that WordPress has a better performance than Blogger. From 2003 until now, WordPress has been used by more than 28 million users worldwide.

Please also note that WordPress is divided into two, namely WordPress.org and WordPress.com. The difference is very simple, that .com is a paid version while .org is a free version which is the same as Blogspot.

Another difference also lies in the hosting and domain. Where the free version already gets hosting and domain.wordpress.com. While the paid version you have to use your own hosting but have the freedom to choose a domain such as .com, .id, .net, and so on.

Get to know Blogspot

To be able to understand the difference between WordPress and Blogspot, then we must know one by one first. First, we will briefly discuss what Blogspot is.

Blogspot or Blogger is a blogging platform provided for free to publish blogs. This platform is owned by the technology giant, namely Google.

Blogger was first released by Pyra Labs in the 1999’s. Shortly after, the giant Google acquired the blogging platform in 2003.

Please note that Blogger is a platform for blogging, while Blogspot is a domain that is embedded in the website. So when you build a website using Blogspot, your domain will be .blogspot.com.

After being acquired by Google, the use of Blogger has become even easier. Because, many applications from Google are integrated directly with Blogger.

For example, if you are going to register Blogger with a Google account, you can associate your blog with other applications. For example, integrating with Google Analytics for performance analysis, then using Google Drive to store data and display the media.

With the convenience and facilities provided, it’s no wonder that bloggers are one of the top choices for bloggers. Noted, since its inception until now they have hooked more than 1.2 million users worldwide.

Difference between WordPress and Blogspot in Cost

One of the most important differences between WordPress and Blogspot is the cost. Although wordpress has a free version, but the most widely used by bloggers is the paid version.

As we mentioned earlier, that Blogspot provides free services for bloggers who want to build a website. However, there are some major drawbacks, such as a domain that is too long, and at least features from third parties.

Even though it’s free, when you want to customize the Blogspot domain, you have to spend quite a bit, which is around one million rupiah. Whereas in WordPress, to get a custom domain and hosting you may only need about five hundred thousand in one year.

Website Material Ownership Status

The next difference between WordPress and Blogspot is the ownership status of the material on the website. There is a big difference in the ownership status of website material on the two blogging platforms.

Material Ownership Status in WordPress

If you use WordPress, the ownership status of the material on the website is 100% yours. This means that WordPress does not have any authority to monitor or limit you.

That way, you can control 100% of your website. Including loading material that may be slightly sensitive. You can also create a sub domain that you can use as a website to support your main domain.

In addition, you can also have the flexibility to adjust the appearance of your website. Either use the themes available for free, premium, or even create your own code.

Material Ownership Status on Blogspot

Unlike WordPress, Blogspot tends to have quite a lot of limitations in terms of material on the website. While it’s still true that you can make some customizations or include materials as you like, those materials are not yours.

As a service provider, Google has full rights to your website. In other words, if your blog material violates the rules that have been made by Google, they can easily delete or block your blog.

Even though the aim is good, many bloggers think that this is a form of restraint carried out by Google. In addition, you also can’t do customization like in WordPress because of the limited access you have when using Blogspot.

Ease of Operation

The next difference between WordPress and Blogspot is about ease of operation or use. Personally, I’ve used both WordPress and Blogspot, and it’s the ease of operation that really stands out.

As we mentioned earlier if the features available on WordPress really help us in many ways. So far we have never found these features on Blogspot.

For example, when we write articles using WordPress, we can use SEO plugins such as Rank Math or Yoast SEO. This plugin will guide us in doing On Page SEO thoroughly.

Meanwhile, if we use Blogspot, we have absolutely no features that can help us to do On Page SEO. We are really required to do it manually. So don’t be surprised if many websites that are on Google’s Page One are not websites with .blogspot.com domains.

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