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The different solutions to have your car washed

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The car wash sector, often misunderstood, is nevertheless a growing market. Few French people know all the existing solutions on the market to clean their vehicle. Let’s go for an overview.

Before choosing the ideal solution, do you still need to know your expectations? Do I want a quick and economical wash or an in-depth maintenance to renovate my vehicle?

Stop car wash constraints

Considered by some to be a complex and boring activity, car cleaning can be likened to a chore.

Do-it-yourself car wash at home, long queue at the roller washing station, no more headaches!

Washing your car, yourself can be an economical solution, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare! Use of products that are too strong which eat away at the bodywork, risk of micro-scratches when wiping or even liters of water wasted unnecessarily! Don’t take any risks, spend your Sunday relaxing…

In addition to the material and technical constraint, the lack of time comes into play. In our contemporary societies, time is a rare commodity that we all try to conserve preciously.

So, after work, or on weekends, it’s not the activity that everyone dreams of doing to relax, so we prefer a quick and efficient car wash. But which solution to choose for the car wash?

Overview of car wash solutions on the market

There are several techniques for cleaning your car. How to wash your car? How much does it cost to have your car washed? Where to have your vehicle cleaned?

Discover below our inventory of the solutions present on the market! Your car will shine in the blink of an eye…

Wash your car at home yourself

First of all, we think directly of washing our car at home on our own, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technique?

When the good weather arrives, the urge to clean your car is felt, so we motivate ourselves and bring our garden hose on Sunday afternoon.

Inexpensive, this method may seem to be the right solution, but it has many weak points.

To begin with, the lack of equipment can quickly be felt. It’s a mistake to think that your garden hose and sponge are enough to make your car shine.

In addition, you have to pay attention to its body. Scratches on your bodywork and even on the rims can quickly happen if you use an old rag or a sponge.

The 3 steps to have your car washed at home

An essential step in the life of a car, the car wash is 78% carried out at a station or by a professional

A real chore, this task often ends up at the bottom of your to do list. Where can I find a car wash? Where to make an appointment?

We give you our tips and solutions to find the ideal partner for the deep cleaning of your car. Free your mind, car cleaning will no longer be a burden.

How to find the ideal professional to have your car washed

Nowadays, there are many car cleaning solutions on the market.

Each method corresponds to a specific need. If you choose hand cleaning or automatic washing, the result will not be the same.

Thus, we advise you to inform yourself before going to a car wash or calling a company.

Compare car wash offers on the market

First, you need to take stock of the different car wash offers on the market.

One of the best-known solutions is automatic roller washing. This one is quick and easy since it allows you to clean the exterior of your vehicle in a few minutes and those for a few euros.

But, if you want to keep a shiny body without micro-scratches, we do not recommend this solution. Thus, the rollers have bristles that can be aged, of poor quality and which are therefore abrasive for the paint and the protection of your car.

Next, let’s move on to high-pressure washing at a cleaning station. The water jets are powerful and strongly clean the wheels, mud and bird droppings. However, like the first solution, this way of cleaning is effective but not 100% since it can scratch and peel off pieces of paint.

The two solutions that we have just mentioned generate a lot of water costs.

So, to combine efficiency, protection of your bodywork and water saving, it is advisable to turn to a car cleaning solution by hand.

Hand washing is, unlike the other two methods, endowed with high precision. Indeed, if you call on a vehicle maintenance specialist of this type, you will obtain a result of high quality.

From the outside to the inside, your car will be thoroughly cleaned for a high-quality result.

Choose an auto service company that suits your needs

After choosing the method, choose your location.

You have two options:

·         A fixed center where you can drop off your vehicle directly while it gets a makeover

·         mobile service

The car wash expert travels directly to the place chosen by the customer

Make an appointment with a car cleaning expert

Now all you have to do is make an appointment. Do not hesitate to ask for information by contacting the various professionals you have found.

Choose a cleaning company and meticulous specialists in order to obtain hygiene and shine.

Indeed, several prices and quotes will be offered to you according to your needs and the method of the expert.

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