Embracing Failure: Failure Led to Success Stories

Didn’t get hired at your dream firm?

Rejected by your favourite university? 

You failed in your business? 

Everyone around is trying to convince you that you are a failure? 

If yes, you might feel like your world is shattering in front of your eyes. Life seems like a never-ending dark tunnel with no hope for good. But what if we tell you that almost every successful entrepreneur went through similar failure cycles? We aren’t kidding! 

Bill Gates – one of the richest men in the world, had to shut down his first company due to a flawed business model. Likewise, we have several examples prevailing today that manifest how failure eventually paves a path towards success. And that’s what this blog is all about. 

In this blog, we’ll be revealing some famous personalities who are known for their capabilities today but faced major backlashes before they finally experienced the sunshine of success. 

5 Business Icons Known For Watching Drastic Failures Before Sparkling Success

Bill Gates – His First Company Suffered Failure 

Recognized for the top-notch Apple company, Bill Gates never fails to catch attention due to his tremendous success and never-ending wealth. But did this happen overnight?

No! He had to suffer his own set of failures. After enrolling at Harvard University in 1973, he realized LLB wasn’t for him. He changed his mind 1975 to hop on his first company adventure, ‘Traf-O-Data’. But, due to poor business modules, the business turned out to be a drastic failure. 

Instead of fretting over the loss, Gates & his partner Allen decided to head to the next business idea. And with their dedication, hard work and passion, this idea turned out to be a striking business success. 

Today, that successful business is what we call ‘Microsoft’. 

Arianna Huffington – Got Rejected 36 Times

Arianna Huffington – the most celebrated author of the era with so much pizzazz around her, living her highest career life, is someone whose publication was rejected 36 times before it finally got approved! People around her whispered, ‘hey, you should consider changing your career’, but the determined author decided to stand firm on her dreams. 

Today, she is an icon of success with 15 best-sellers, and several of her books are still in process. In an interview, she mentioned her mother’s advice that pushed her to preserve her dream. The advice was, “Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a stepping stone to success.”

Her mom’s advice made sense; today, she’s a source of motivation and inspiration to many people. 

If one minor setback in your life is stopping you from exploring new opportunities, re-think! Many Professional CV Writing help sites turn down their businesses just because of one negative feedback. It’s not like Arianna’s first publication was a big hit. Instead, it had criticism, but the author worked on the loopholes. If you offer any service or sell any product, don’t be afraid of negative feedback. 

Walt Disney Was Told His Concepts Were Boring 

As soon as you hear ‘Walt Disney’, a sense of excitement might run down your veins.

Because why not? You have watched his creation’s entire childhood, after all! But little did you know, the creative genius Walt Disney was fired from his first job because the company believed he lacked creativity? 

But that didn’t dampen his spirits, and he came up with his very first business, Commercial Artists Studio, in partnership. The company failed to make enough sales and was closed within a month.  

Again, he gathered courage and launched his own animation company, Laugh-O-Gram Films. Luck had its own plans, and due to financial problems, Walt was forced to shut down this company in no time. 

However, nothing could stop Walt, and he moved to Hollywood, where his Alice’s Wonderland series was rejected several times until a cartoon distributor showed interest in it. And here’s when Disney’s concepts started picking up steam, and his film was listed as the most successful motion picture of the year. 

Steve Jobs Was Fired From His Own Company, Apple

Could you ever imagine being fired from your company and then later being called back to resolve the mess that turned up because you weren’t there? 

Well, that’s the history of Apple and Steve Jobs. 

Jobs had a great business mind, but since he lacked any professional business experience, he made the mistake of hiring a CEO who fired him over a petty issue. Since Jobs was pretty talented, he started his own company, NeXT that rolled products, which were hard to beat. Unfortunately, NeXT also had to shut down because, despite making state-of-the-art products, the prices were too high.  

But time is the best teacher. Years later, the situation took an unexpected twist, and the board of directors persuaded Jobs to make a comeback. After returning, Jobs proved his potential and took the company to new heights. 

Like this, many top Resume Writers in UAE have been facing a similar issue – i.e. they hold the expertise but don’t have any professional experience, yet they hire a board of directors to direct them. As a result, when the company begins to make a profit, the oldest employees, who contributed the most, are fired. Hence, always keep control in your own hands. 

Milton Hershey’s 2 Candy Companies Crumbled 

The finger-licking good Hershey is everyone’s favourite, right?

But did you know that Milton had to shut down his company twice before the conquest for cash flow reasons? Yes, not only that but when he closed his second business, he didn’t have money to ship his possessions to the next place he moved. 

It all started in 1876 when he inaugurated his first business of making candies. His mother and aunt invested their energy and time to help Milton. But despite that, luck had different plans. In 1882, after six years, the company witnessed a closure because it didn’t make enough money. 

Next, in Denver, he had the urge to start his business, but due to the region’s poor economy and his own financial condition, he decided to work as a confectioner. He learned some amazing tips for making caramel using fresh milk. However, the company witnessed some success, but later, the cash flow dipped, resulting in the business’s closure. 

Lastly, his luck smiled at him this time, and he began his third business with a motive to succeed. After two major failures, the third business helped him make a history for himself.  

Hmm, Feeling Motivated? 

We hope you’ll feel at least a tidbit of relief after going through the stories. Save this blog; the next time you feel demotivated for any reason, you’ll know the right spot to draw attention from. 

Let us know which story was the most motivational for you.

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