Explore The Significance Of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the biggest encyclopedias that are accessible free of cost around the world. You can find the content in more than 250 languages with having over 500 million unique visitors on monthly basis. It has a huge library of articles, in the English version it hosts more than 4.5 million articles that are edited and authored by the volunteers.  Wikipedia has its own rules and regulations to create page if someone wants to know how to create a Wikipedia page then one needs to do the appropriate research to know all the guidelines of the Wikipedia platform.  Indeed it is a complex task to publish the page on this platform because it requires a lot of expertise along with time.

How Wikipedia Works

Wikipedia is not a privately generated resource. You do not need to have special access or something else to create and edit an article on Wikipedia. Every person has the right to edit the existing article on this platform.  Once the page goes live on this platform, volunteers can make edits to those pages.  If you want to create your page, so it is recommended to start making small edits to the existing Wikipedia page or you can contribute to translate articles into English. That is how you can get to know the rules and regulations regarding this platform that will help you to create the new one smoothly. If you are looking for a productive way to create the Wikipedia profile then find below the few steps:

Create Your Wikipedia Account

To create your Wikipedia page, you need to become a registered user. For that open Wikipedia, click on the create account on the top right of the wiki screen. You will be able to receive messages for all the edits if someone makes in your article. You will be able to make any edit or create your account as a registered user.  Keep in mind that once you get to register, your all activities are been overlooked by Wikipedia editors so avoid making any false edits to the articles.

Add Strong Citations To Your Content

If you want to publish your Wikipedia article then you need to make your content supported with strong citations. It is important to cite your sources with respected third-party sources. Those sources may come from journals, books, newspapers, and blogs. Be mindful that the external sources are more credible than your blogs. If you add your sources then there are fewer chances of your page getting published.

Prepare your content with a researched and properly planned piece of writing. Make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations of this platform with strong cited sources. Once you are sure with your content creation, make auditing and furnish it then you can submit it for review.

Use The Wikipedia Sandbox Editor

The Wikipedia sandbox is going to do everything with writing Wikipedia articles.it is the name of the text editor of Wikipedia that is going to use to create and submit your article. It doesn’t matter that you type your content in which format file; you will need to paste it in the sandbox to submit. Before submitting you can make some practice by writing in the sandbox to get acquainted. You can find more information by writing in the Wikipedia search box “WP: SB”.

Enter And Review Your Wikipedia Article

Okay, this is the last step to submit your article, put your content in sandbox. Make another research in the Wikipedia search box to check if the topic is still available to write about. If it is still there then your hard work is going to pay off. There will be a link appearing below the search box, you need to copy it and paste it with the content in the sandbox of r the reference.

That is how you are done with the submission of your page successfully, hope for good news from the Wikipedia editors.

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