Different Types and Features of Content Writing

Content writing covers a large scale. It’s a vast subject to comment upon. It consists of a complete procedure of planning, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing, written content especially for digital marketing. It has itself become a business to serve your brand. A good piece of content writing is unique, sound, comprehensive, sophisticated and creative by all means. Content creators should be proficient in providing flawless content that fulfills the purpose of the business for which it is written, should be compelling and clearly conveys the message of the marketer. If you are writing the content for yourself then you should be audible to your audience in terms of achieving the right target.

Features of good content:

Content should be well-composed. Good to go content always has some characteristics without which it cannot be competent enough. Some features are mentioned below:


Content exactly relevant to the topic and the readers’ approach, is considered to be optimal. Objectivity is essential while writing content. There is no need to bounce hither and thither but to stay stick to one focus.


Diverse ideas always work effectively. Divergent thinking makes your audience respond and share their views with you. Also, an out of the box approach enhances your creativity in the content and enables you to critically judge your writing from the reader’s perspective.

Realistic / Factual:

Good content is based upon facts. Sinking deep into the river of fiction or unrealistic stories and examples makes loopholes in the bucket of your words and content. Factual writing increases your authenticity and also the readers find it more relatable.


The content you write must be yours. Plagiarized ideas and content harm your reputation and liability. It’s better to search well before start writing and then develop your own ideas and execute them in your audible voice. This makes you original and sound.


The content creator can manage to add all the important details without hitting a big length and exceeding word-count. Concise content is likely to grab the readers’ attention more than an extended one. In this hasty age, people don’t have much time to go through the long paragraphs, everyone wants to get fully informed by short messages.

Grip over SEO

Content that is worth reading always has a powerful command on SEO tactics. This propagates the content’s validity and visibility. For writing SEO based content, one should have to be extra focused on the points given as under:

  • Research well
  • Use SEO-driven keywords
  • Add citations


No matter how impressive and creative you are in your words and thoughts if any is lacking in your writing format there must be a chance of failure. Competent writing always appears to be perfect in the following areas.

  • Structure
  • Grammar
  • Language

Types of Content Writings

Content writing is not bound to a particular topic but it covers far-reaching areas of diversity. A few of the subjects for content writing are as follows:

1.    Blog writing

It is written in a conversational tone. Its matter cant be faked so a complete knowledge of the topic is required. Blog writers must have SEO expertise.

2.    Article Writing

It is mostly written for a large audience and published in newspapers, magazines, or journals.

3.    Website Content

It creates an effect of a call for action on the audience. It sometimes sounds promotional and generally used for brand awareness.

4.    Wikipedia Biographies

Wikipedia content is not so easy to compose. Before start writing for it, you must know how to create a Wikipedia page to match the criteria of its guidelines and policies.

5.    Academic Writing

It’s done to help learners in educational fields. It covers all the academic subjects.

6.    Ebook Writing

It also requires rigorous research and exclusive command over words and language. It includes several titles and chapters and can be written on any topic.

7.    Ghostwriting

It is done by the anonymous writers giving the credit to the hirer. You can get your work done by an expert but the authorship of the content remains yours.

8.    Technical Writing

It is used for an in-depth explanation of technologies, their usage, processes, development, mechanism, and all inner-technical matters.

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