How Can Google Web Stories Help Your Website SEO?

Google Web Stories is a relatively new feature by the company that allows websites to create bite-sized content in the form of stories. You must be already familiar with the concept of stories on social media platforms, through Google web stories, you can create smaller pieces of content in the place of long form content.

These smaller chunks of content are not just reader-friendly, but they also help in giving your website a new, refined presence on the search engine.

Here are 3 ways how google web stories help your website SEO

#1- Tapping into a new Google feature

One of the most understandable and often ignored ways how Web Stories can help your website SEO is by starting off quite early. As a growing website you can start making Web Stories for your blog content, while applying other SEO tools and strategies as well.

This overall SEO strategy will help you create an online presence on one of the most widely used search engines, Google.

Since Web Stories is a relatively new feature and most businesses, brands and websites are yet to include it into their marketing strategy, you can definitely reap its benefits by being an early user.

#2- Interactive search presence

People are always looking for more interactive and engaging content that will pique their interest. Be it in the form of blog content, creatives, videos and now the latest feature by Google, i.e. Web Stories, interactive content will trump over mundane statistical content.

Once you create Web Stories for your website, you will create an interactive search presence for your website on the search engine. This will help in increasing your visibility and the growth of your company as well.

Ultimately, the aim of using SEO on any platform is to expand your market, your reach and the visibility of your company. Web stories are therefore the perfect way to accomplish that.

#3- Creating digestive forms of blog content

The internet-ridden world is getting more and more accustomed to availability of content all day everyday. This extravagance, for lack of a better word, has certain effects, and one such effect is the decreasing attention span of people.

When Google can give answers to all questions in bite sized phrases, then why is there a need to know and read long form blogs?

While it is important for websites to create long form content to create a solid foundation fo their website, Google web stories can be picks up to serve the purpose. The purpose being answering questions in small digestible sizes in the form of stories. We are all familiar with the concept of stories, therefore this form of content does two jobs at once. They are great forms of content for your audience and they also help in creating online presence.

In Conclusion

In this article we covered three important ways how Google Web Stories can help your website SEO.

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