How to replace your image background?

The background is the most important part of an image. Whenever we want to capture an image, we take care of the image background most. The background is the powerful portion of an image that can make a normal image look into a gorgeous one.

So, the background is an option that should need much priority in the time of photography. However, we can’t achieve the right background in our images all time.

Sometimes, it happens that you took an image with a pose. The image is almost ok but the background which you want to include exclusively.

But unfortunately, you won’t get in that way. It is a matter of sorrow that you won’t use the image in your social media profile with just that unusual background.

If you have ever faced such a situation, you might delete the photo or take another one that comes with a great background.

That is not a solution as you can replace the image background if you know about changing the image background with Photoshop.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the common ways of replacing the background of your image professionally.

Ways of changing the background from your image

You may be familiar with photo editing and graphic design. These are kinds of blessings for us as we are now making what type of graphical as well as visual content we need.

With interacting graphic software like Adobe Photoshop and others, editing and post-processing have become a thing of our daily routine.

We now edit every single image whatever why we capture that. 

Background removing from an image and then adding another one is a common and simple process of photo editing.

If you have Photoshop on your PC, then you can not only change your background from an image but also you can change any particular portions of color such as dress, hair, and object color.

Here some ways through which you can go to edit your image background,

Clipping path

Clipping path is the most popular way of removing background from images. Its demand is so high among common people so that photo editing agencies provide clipping path service particularly.

What is a clipping path? A clipping path is a process of drawing a clipping path around the main object of your image.

Raster or 2D images use a clipping path to eliminate the background and use another one into that. 

As it is a system of making a path, that’s why it is named as clipping path.

Image masking

Image masking is another way of removing background from images but the way is almost different from the clipping path.

Image masking works more subtly that you can use this to remove the complex image background. Image masking is required for which types of images that include fur and hairy objects.

To go with image masking, you need to know about Photoshop masking and the skill of working with Photoshop layers.

The image you want to remove the background from, if it has any fur or hairy object, then you need to apply the image masking technique to that.

Online automatic background removes

In this modern age, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skill of any sectors to go with. Because you can do the job without skills as there are so many modern ways to do the job for you.

Yes, I am saying about one of these easy ways that won’t require any pre-skills of Photoshop or experience of using other software.

Background removing process that we stated above, needs Photoshop skills to do such things. If you don’t have then no problem, you still have the chance to replace your image background automatically.

Online, there are so many websites that offer the system of removing your image background automatically.

Go search and find one of them if you think you need it. The process is also simple to apply. You just need to upload your image on the website and click the next button.

After that, you will find the image with a transparent background. The system works by keeping the main object and eliminating the rest from the image.


Download the image with a transparent background from the website.

In this article, we have simply shown you some common ways of removing the background from your image. Among them, the first two ways can be attained with Photoshop.

Background removing is now necessary for every single field where image use is a required item. Like e-commerce business and online image or video content and others, you have to use images as an essential item.

It is better to do all of your image editing with Photoshop. It is the best software according to expert’s opinions.

Photoshop requires the knowledge and skills of using its tools before going with it. So, if you don’t have that, try to find a professional to meet your goal.

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