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5 ways to style your bangs effortlessly

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You wanted a new layered hairstyle and ended up choosing bangs. Bangs are cute and make you look stunning. You loved it at first sight and couldn’t take your eyes off the mirror.  You will love this style until your hair grows. Are you annoyed because you cannot style your bangs? Try these 5 ways to effortlessly style your bangs

Straighten your bang bangs

Nicki Minaj rocks her stage with her straight black bang while Lisa can’t stop appearing cute with her straight fringes during her fan meeting.

This common fringe style with straight bangs is worn by most women. Style your bangs straight and stand out with the latest fashion. Straighten your bangs effortlessly with these different styles. 

Straight vanilla cross bangs. 

It’s monday morning and you have a brunch date with your friend. Select the easiest way to straighten your bangs  and show off your style. In order to style your bangs straighten with a bit of volume, avoid using flat iron because it consumes more time. 

Grab a small ceramic brush and a blow dryer. A small ceramic brush is good for styling your bangs and the blow dryer adds more volume to your hair.

A blow-dryer and a ceramic brush

Style your bangs straight with this simple process. 

Place your hair on the brush and blow-dry it gently. 

Smile as you see your silky, shiny and straight bangs.  You will also notice that it’s not  flat on your face and it looks perfect for your Monday morning brunch. 

Straighten your bang with a blow dryer and a ceramic brush and get a perfect look like the Dakota Johnson.

   Side-swept straight bangs 

Emma Stone (left side) and Katrina Kaif(right side) with their side-swept black bangs.

Still in love with your straight bangs? Don’t worry, you can try a different style with your   straight bangs. Side parting your bangs is another way you can effortlessly style. You can’t part your bangs with your free hands, so follow these simple steps to achieve your side bangs. 

Grab a quality flat iron and a hairbrush.

  •  Part your hair on the desired side.
  •  Comb it thoroughly.
  •  Straighten your bangs for that direction. 
  • Achieve smooth and perfectly styled side bangs.

Middle parted straight bangs. 

Half up and half down hairstyle with middle parted bangs.

The half up and half down is a popular hairstyle. But you are hesitant with your bangs. Act quickly and I promise you, middle parting your straight bangs will make you look stunning.

Pull half of your hair up and clip it using bobby pins. Keep it loose and let your hair look messy. Or you can just let your hair down/loose. Part your bangs from the middle and you’re ready to go out with your gorgeous style.

Wet hair bangs.

The trendy wet hair look.

Want to have a wet hair look? Try this style with your bangs that is also popular among celebrities and it gives you a fresh and fuller look. You don’t have to soak your hair in water. 

Here are two types of wet hairdo with your bangs:

Clean wet hair style with bangs.

Selena Gomez has been known for her cute bangs but the clean wet hair style makes her sexier.

Today is an important occasion in your life and your bangs are a problem. Choose this clean wet hair style to grab attention. You don’t even need a hair stylist. Effortlessly style your own bangs to achieve a clean wet hair look.

  • Wash your hair 
  • Apply hair styling gel
  • Brush your bangs with a comb to the back of your head. Bangs while combed back creates a little puff. This puff will add glamour to your style.
  • End with hairspray for shine and appear glamorous.

Messy wet hair looks with fringes.

Kylie Jenner goes out with her messy wet hairstyle along with her bangs. 

Select a wet hair look for your fringes. Use your hands first instead of a brush and make it look  messy. No professional hairstylists are needed here. Follow these steps and enjoy your wet hair look with your bangs and have a great evening! 

  • Wash your hair 
  • Apply hair styling gel
  • lightly shuffle your fingers through your hair and make it look messy. 
  • End with hairspray for shine.

The messy top knot with your bangs.

The messy top knots with bangs are beautiful.

Messy top knot with bangs is super easy. You can effortlessly style your bangs within 5 minutes.  All you need is a rubber band or a hair tie.

Grab your hair and tie them into a ponytail on the top of your head. Make a messy bun out of it and let your bangs fall onto your forehead. Your top messy bun look with your bangs is ready! These bangs will shape your face and give you a chic look.

Curl your bangs.

 Be it short or long hair, both actresses, Kim So-hyun(left) and Kim Da-mi(right), stand out with their curly bangs.

Tired of going out with the same straight bangs? Choose the right curler and a rolling brush. You can curl your bangs and easily draw attention with these following steps.

  • Blow-dry your hair and part your bangs to your preference.
  • Brush your bangs and start curling it. 
  • To create bouncy curls, you can curl your bangs inward (toward yourself) or you can stretch it to create loose waves. Repeat the process with the rest of your bangs.
  • Apply hairspray to ensure the curls last all day.

There you have it, your new curled bangs and a new look.

5. Braid your fringes.

Beautiful braided bangs.

The fifth way to style your bangs is to braid them towards the backside of your head. If you are a school student or an office goer, choose this tidy and wonderful style. Braiding your fringes back will help you look. Follow these steps and make yourself  presentable.

  • Use a comb to divide your bangs from the rest of your hair.
  • Section your bangs into three equal strands
  • Braid your bangs and clip it or braid it with the rest of your weave hair. 

Now you know the 5 ways to style your fringes effortlessly with confidence. 

“Not everyone can pull off bangs, but you can” 

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