Different Types of Plug and Sockets that are used around the World

Commonly there are about 15 types of electrical sockets used around the world. Some are compatible in one and some in others. All of these types are represented by letters that are assigned to these sockets by US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration. Plug shapes, openings, sizes and sockets like 3 gang socket change in various nations, which means a fitting connector is important to guarantee your machines from home can work abroad. Anyway be cautioned, check the voltage also, a hairdryer intended for use in North America could cause a compulsory light show whenever connected to an European socket. Here we will take a look at some from type A to F.

Type A

This type is mainly used in countries like USA. Canada, Japan and Mexico. These consists of two pins and are not grounded. This type is almost 15A and the voltage is always 100 to 127V. The socket of type A is compatible with type A. 

Type B

Type B is mainly used in countries like USA, Canada, and Mexico. The type B consists of 3 pins that are grounded. This one is also 15A and ranges from 100V to 127V. The socket type like 3 gang socket is compatible with both plug types A and B. the things about type A and B is that the plugs are not insulated which makes them highly dangerous. Therefore you need to make sure your devices are completely disconnected when you are not using them. 

Type C

Type C is mostly used in South America, Asia and Europe. This one consists of 2 round pins that are not grounded. In Amperes it ranges from 2.5A, 10A and 16A. The voltage is always 220-240V. The socket of this is compatible with plug type C. because the type C sockets are mostly ungrounded and results in safety issues that is why they have been deemed as illegal in many places.

Type D

This type is commonly used in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Namibia. This consists of 3 round pins that are grounded and are in a triangle like shape. These are rated at 5A and voltage ranges from 220V to 240V. The socket is compatible with plug type D but not with C, E and F which can also be dangerous. This type of plugs and sockets also are not insulated which increases risks mainly of electrocution. Therefore these are also among the most dangerous ones in the world. 

Type E

These types you will mainly find in countries like France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Tunisia and Morocco. They consist of 2 pins that are grounded. Offers 16A and voltage ranging from 220 to 240V. Sockets like 3 gang sockets are compatible with plug type C, E and F.

Type F

Utilized in (among others) Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain and Eastern Europe 

Electrical plug type F was planned in Germany not long after the First World War, it is ordinarily known as the ‘Schuko plug’ which is the abbreviation of the German word ‘Schutzkontakt’ interpreting as ‘insurance contact’. It is like a sort C attachment aside from that it has the expansion of two earth cuts on the fitting; for the most part a sort C sockets like 3 gang sockets fits entirely in the above attachment.