2020 and beyond Preparing for the years ahead

While 2020 has changed the way we work, we live and socialize, there have been important lessons all through for us. The uncertainty has surely changed how we prepare for the future and businesses have to be proactive especially in these challenging times.

The changing trends:

The rise of digital first- While digital first strategy is always seen as the way forward, covid-19 pushed this thought into action with greater conviction. From small, medium and big enterprises to schools, and retailers everything is now online, shifting from physical to digital. Industry experts opine that this phase has helped companies understand the importance of digital first and having this strategy in place can prepare them for the future, for the times ahead.

Security First- Remote working, online transactions, online banking, digital onboarding the list is imply endless. During this vulnerable time the need for keeping website and web servers updated and secure is critical. Even in future, it is prudent that enterprises invest in technology that is secure, scalable, ensuring complete privacy and compliance.

Online it is- Physical distancing or social distancing has significantly changed the way we work. Remote working, work from home, online meetings and calls are the buzzwords today. The use of digital solutions has facilitated this transition with ease and companies that integrate these solutions stand a fair chance even for the future.

To sum up, many organizations that scoffed at remote working or online transactions have now seen that going digital is not only cost-effective but can improve business with a wider reach.

The above mentioned trends are just a few but very significant in today’s times. Not just today but forward thinking enterprises will know that these are here to stay. 2020 is just a preview of how businesses will adapt and be future-ready in the new digital technology revolution.

Here are some trends that are changing the Telecom Industry

AI and the emerging trend in Telecom Sector

The use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming very popular across industries, especially the Telecom industry. With 5G and IoT leading the digital era, TSP’s are faced with increasing customer demands. Today, the need to deliver exceptional CX is very crucial for growth, customer loyalty and improved revenues.

Delivering exceptional customer experience at all times

Customer centricity, clear and concise billing communication offers TSP’s the much needed competitive advantage while reducing call volumes at the support center. With massive data, innumerable plans and a large customer base across broadband, and mobile services more and more TSP’s are looking at leveraging technology with AI that will extract actionable insights and deliver value to customers.

Did you know? Gartner has forecasted that “by 2020 there will be 20.4 billion connected devices will be in use worldwide.” This number has forward-thinking TSPs leverage their digital transformation initiatives by integrating AI driven Virtual Assistants to deliver tangible business results.

Listed below are few of the benefits AI offers for TSPs

  • Conversational AI platforms or virtual assistants support requests for self-service that reduces the burden on customer care centres. With AI, troubleshooting and maintenance is seamless thus ensuring enhanced customer experience.
  • By using AI enabled tools such as bots and virtual assistants not only are customer service costs reduced but telecoms can arrest revenue leakage by automating financial reconciliation process.
  • Furthermore, by integrating visual aid and support within IVR more timely interactions are possible that reduce average call handling times, hold times, and ultimately provide a great customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence in the telecommunications industry has impacted the players in telecom industry significantly by delivering enhanced CX and added value for enterprises. And, even in the future AI is expected to be the competitive edge that will continue to accelerate growth for most industries.

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