June 26, 2022

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How To Style Your Outfits to Look Vintage

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We hear the term vintage often; I personally picture the scene from Mean Girls when Regina George asks about her classmate’s outfit just to make fun of it. Vintage is just splashed around the fashion industry but how do clothes really get called vintage? It classifies as things from at least 10 to 20 years ago. 

However, the rate that fashion keeps evolving so frequently styles go out of style just as fast as some come back. Either way, we are all obsessed with vintage looks and try to pull it off the best we can. Even if you like to mix and match by adding an element of vintage to your outfits now there are a number of ways to do it. Here are some of the style tips you can try 

High waists skirts, pants, jeans and swimsuits

High-waisted clothes are still very in but it is the complete outfit that brings out the vintage look. A checked high waist skirt paired with boots or high waisted boot leg are jeans are some of the statement pieces you can use. 

High waist pants are very common and work well as work attire. Wear colours such as mint greens, beiges or cream to give a hint of the vintage look. Bikinis are another piece of clothing that helps bring out this style. If you are looking for high waist womens clothing Australia has great online stores that provide a large variety and delivery options. 

Round framed glasses

Round frames glasses or shades are one of the best vintage style accessories you can pair with an outfit or a beach day. If you do glasses round frames that are slightly big and transparent are some of the styles you can opt for. Pair your round shades with a pastel bandana or scarf. 

The lighter colors look summery and fresh. However round frames do depend on the shape of your face and can be really pulled off by some. If this is not for you, oval frames are another option that still gives off a vintage vibe whether it is glasses or shades. 

Pirate/ poufy sleeves

Pirate of poufy sleeves are surprisingly back in the fashion trends. It is very common among tops and even as dress sleeves. You don’t have to dress like Jack Sparrow but you can still pull off pirate sleeve tops with jeans or a skirt. The options are endless as this style suits just about anyone and looks good any way you dress it. 


Stripes is a very common pattern on both women’s and men’s clothing. There are the pinstripes, thicker stripes and even just the one stripe that acts as a fashion statement. Maroon, green and orange are common colours that are used in sweaters and tops. Combine them with black skirts and boots for a fall vintage look. Striped pants with a plain top with heels are one of the other many ways to have that old school look. 

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