Top 10 Play To Earn Games To Earn Crypto

Currently, the popularity of play-to-earn games is exponentially growing as many people from the millennial generation want to invest in crypto and make thousands or millions of USD. 

In play-to-earn games, one has to complete various tasks to promote their game in the virtual world or outperform other competitors to earn crypto currency. Most of the play-to-earn games are based on blockchain. 

There was a time when in-game assets, records, and currency had no value in the real world, but today, it is possible to earn crypto currency by playing your favourite game. 

In addition to that, blockchain technology also offers new opportunities to get innovative and start changing the game. Moreover, the popularity of the play-to-earn model has immensely grown in smartphones, and now gamers don’t have to invest in building a huge game setup to earn crypto.

In this blog, we have compiled the top 10 games which you can play and earn crypto currency.

1: Axie Infinity:

Have you ever wondered? You can earn money by breeding monsters in-game. Yes, that’s what Axie Infinity brings to the game, making it the best blockchain-based game on the internet. However, the game is not free as you need a few ethers to purchase your first Axie. Every Axie will have a unique genetic code, and you can breed with other Axie and make powerful monsters. You can sell your Axie as an NFT on a marketplace to other players who wish to invest in a powerful Axie. 

2: The Sandbox:

The Sandbox is an open-world game that is quite similar to the mine-craft and Roblox, where you can build your world along with a currency like LAND. Moreover, in this game, you can create your social hub and game and sell each piece of land in the form of NFT. You can also monetize your SAND in Ethereum. 

3: Gods Unchained:

Gods Unchained believes it is the right time to turn people wrong who used to say that playing games are a waste of time. The game is about arranging decks of cards, and it works on a ranked system where players can face their competitors of the same level. You can sell unique cards in the form of NFT on a marketplace and earn crypto.

4: Crypto Blades:

Cryptoblabes is an RPG game that you can find on the Binance smart chain where players have to create their characters and participate in battles. As you win, you will earn improved weapons and special powers. You can sell your characters in the form of NFT. The game is not free; you will need a Binance coin to buy a character initially.

5:  Splinterlands:

There is no doubt that cards games are quite popular in the play-to-earn model and splintercards is another NFT based card game. Upon winning, players earn DEC or Dark Energy Crystals, which can be exchanged for products. The game is also not free one has to buy 10 USD to purchase the first ten cards.

6: Alien world:

The Alien game world commenced on the WAX blockchain and soon got hyped among the top crypto communities. The game is a kind of decentralized metaverse where you can bring the universe together and my NFT and their cryptocurrency called Trillum. 

7: Thetan Arena:

If you love playing online battle arena games, you can earn crypto by playing Thetan Arena, an online multiplayer game where you will find millions of players. One of the best advantages of this game is it is completely free, and you can earn Thetan coins which you can collect and purchase NFTs and sell in one different marketplace. 

8: Guild of guardians:

The Guild of guardians is one of the best NFT games, which you can even play on your mobile. As the name suggests, you are a guardian who has to raid dungeons and protect your assets from attacks. The game is also planning to partner with Ubisoft to build relations.

9: Sorare:

Do you love playing soccer? You will also love playing Sorare, which is a game built on blockchain for all the soccer fans out there. You can collect player cards, trade with other players on the blockchain, and earn crypto by defeating your opponents. 

10: Zed run:

Have you ever wondered about owning a racehorse? Zed run gives you a chance of owning a racehorse and breeding it to make the fastest horse in the game. You have to purchase your first racehorse from Open Sea with the help of Ethereum. You can also sell your horse in the form of NFT.

So, we hope you would love to try a few of the games in the list mentioned above. In the meantime, if you are planning to build a play-to-earn game, you can partner with the Eon8 video game marketing agency, which can help you in achieving your goal.