How Tattoos Went from Subculture to Pop Culture

Tattoos are now being adopted greatly irrespective to which region, culture or industry you belong. The reason lies in the shift it took from subculture to pop culture. Now when did this exactly happen? 

You know that scientifically there is no legit evidence concerning a specific date as to when the tattoo originated. Many historians believe that tattoos were there for over thousands of years. As the literal meaning of the word means “ta” —to strike and “tatau” — meaning “to mark.”

People used to have design imprinted on their bodies to differentiate between members of various tribes, back then. After some times, the use of Heena started which is more like a temporary tattoo making style. You can get any design created with heena paste that after getting dried can be dust off your skin leaving the print behind for a certain number of days.

Over a decade ago only prisoners, gangsters, pirates were the people with tattoos on their body but as of now things are a little different. Now you can find inks on the bodies anywhere you look. Evan a banker can have a tattoo if he wants.

According to the research, around 36% of American have tattoos or once had a tattoo printed on them as per the Pew Research Center. It has been listed at the 6th place among the fastest prospering industries in the United States of America.

To your amuse, there are over 147 million Google searches for tattoos, that’s how much curious people are getting.

The History of Otzi 

Tattoo design has an amazing of a human names Otzi which was discovered back in 1991 by a German hiker- Oztal Alps. He discovered a human who was mummified between the region of Italy and Austria. The body was found with tools and arrows but what was more fascinating was to find more 57 tattoos covering his entire body. That was the time when it became clear that tattoos were a real thing for people in ancient times. That mummy was said to be around for over 5,300 years.

Miami Ink TV Show (2005)

The shift of tattoo design from subculture to pop one happens just after the opening of a new shop under the name “the Miami Ink” on South Beach. The parlor gave a rise to the adoption of tattoo design. It was aired through a TV show which quickly earned more popularity as the artist used to show his shop and the designs he creates on new customers. Every day he came up with new patterns and graphic designs software to amuse the viewers. This was the time when the industry began to boom gradually. The demand rises in such a way that after almost six years the Miami show got aired form over 160 different cities.

Pop Culture and its Celebrities 

According to the statistics, a fifth of all the adults in Britain got tattoos. Not only this, around 30% of people between the ages of 35 years to 30 years have tattoos on their body. 

However, what more fascinating here is the way pop culture has adopted tattoos making practices. Celebrities like Justin Bieber at the age of 16 got his first tattoo. He got the face of Selena Gomez printed on his writs which he later has to get removed after the breakup. See how tricky it is to get a tattoo. As a thing, you like in your 20s you might not prefer to have imprinted on your skin after a year or a decade. 

Queen Nefertiti got the tattoo on the ribcage, Ed Sheran got his tattoo when he was 27 and recently he got a lion’s face tattoo on his chest.

How Advancements in Tattoo Removal Practices 

“If more people are getting tattoos then there will be a market for more removal,” 

In the beginning, getting a tattoo scares people as it is something that stays with you forever. However, things are improvised now. With the help of companies and parlour like Tattoo Design Inc. you can get it removed permanently. Over the time as the demand for tattoos are increasing the removal techniques are flourishing as well. 

A few years back when there were no such resources things were too complicated. If a person tries to get his tattoo removed his skin used to get ruined completely. A mark or a faded used to get left on his skin which looks unpleasant.  

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