What Is The IGCSE, And Is It The Right Choice For My Child?

With so many International Schools in Kerala and educational programs offering various qualifications, it can be challenging to decide which one is right for your child. One increasingly popular option is the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). But what exactly is the IGCSE, and is it the right choice for your child? In this blog post, we will explore the IGCSE in detail, including its history, curriculum structure, benefits, and drawbacks. We will also look at how it compares to other qualifications, such as the GCSE and A-Levels so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it is the best fit for your child’s needs.

What is the IGCSE?

The IGCSE is an international curriculum offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education. It is recognized by universities and employers around the world and is a popular choice for students who are looking for an academically challenging education.

what Is igcse

The IGCSE curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including English, Maths, Science, and humanities. Students can choose to study additional languages, and there is also the option to take extended versions of core subjects.

The IGCSE is typically taken at age 16, but some students may start earlier or later, depending on their educational needs. The exams are usually taken at the end of Year 10 or Year 11, and results are released in August.

If you’re considering the IGCSE for your child, it’s essential to research the different options available. Speak to your child’s teachers and guidance counsellors to get their advice on which curriculum would be best suited for your child’s needs.

The benefits of the IGCSE

The IGCSE is a rigorous academic program that provides students with a solid foundation for further study. The benefits of the IGCSE include the following:

* Academic rigour: The IGCSE curriculum is designed to challenge students and prepare them for success in further study.

* A broad range of subjects: The IGCSE offers a wide range of subjects, allowing students to develop their interests and talents.

* International recognition: The IGCSE is recognized by universities around the world, making it easier for students to pursue higher education overseas.

* Enhanced employability: The skills and knowledge acquired through the IGCSE can give students a competitive edge in the job market.

Are there different exam boards, and do they matter?

Examinations for the IGCSE are offered primarily by Cambridge Assessment International Education and Edexcel. To a large extent, schools have autonomy in determining which testing organization to use. The material is the same, but the format of the tests may change.

The Edexcel exam lasts for three hours, while the Cambridge exam consists of four independent papers. Universities rarely care whether the exam board is chosen and will celebrate a strong performance in either.

Are IGCSEs a good preparation for the IB diploma program?

If you’re considering the IB diploma program for your child, you may be wondering if IGCSEs are a good preparation for the program. The short answer is yes, IGCSEs can be excellent preparation for the IB diploma program.

The IB diploma program is a two-year program that is internationally recognized and respected by universities around the world. The program is challenging and demanding, but it can also be enriching. Many students who complete the IB diploma program go on to successful careers in a variety of fields.

So, if you’re considering the IB diploma program for your child, rest assured that their IGCSEs will give them a solid foundation on which to build.

Is IGCSE the right choice for my child? 

The IGCSE can be taken by students of nearly any skill level. The exam boards often divide the questions into multiple tiers of difficulty to accommodate students of varying skill levels. Those taking the exam in English as a second language will have more time to prepare. It is because the bulk of graded work is saved for the final exam. If your child excels at both learning new material and demonstrating their understanding in examinations, the IGCSE may be an excellent fit.

IGCSE’s acceptance by UK institutions is another point in the organization’s favour. Universities may use IGCSE scores as an alternative to the IB Diploma or A-Levels when making placement decisions. IGCSEs provide a complete picture of a student’s academic background for universities in the UK. European and North American institutions and colleges place a great emphasis on it as an internationally recognized credential. In addition to the marks earned on the applicable Advanced Placement tests or International Baccalaureate diplomas, these institutions will also consider this information.


The IGCSE schools in Kerala are a great educational choice for students who are looking for an international curriculum that will challenge their minds and prepare them for success in higher education. With the wide variety of subjects available, the IGCSE has something to offer every student. Weighing the pros and cons of this program can help you decide if it’s suitable for your child or not. Ultimately, it comes down to what fits best into your family’s lifestyle and educational goals.