How to amp up your loungewear when a lockdown is over

Loungewear clothes are all about comfort, and when looking forward to comfortable clothes, we don’t really care as to how you are looking. Getting dressed in loungewear without looking like as if you’re ready to hit the bed, needs a little forward planning.

With some clever styling and smart accessorising, you can create a whole new look, and that too a very comfortable one.

What exactly is Loungewear?

Loungewear is actually what we prefer to lounge in. They are usually the separates lying around in our closet- tees, shorts, tank tops, capris, sweatshirts and pyjamas that could be mixed and matched and worn as per our wish. Loungewear sets can also be bought online to look and feel good.

Loungewear, before, had a laid-back vibe to it, but now, loungewear and women’s loungewear tracksuits are also designed to be made tailor-fit. You can just walk out of your house in your loungewear tracksuits without looking shabby or unkempt.

The key to look great in loungewear is to so feel comfortable, as if you really were ready to tuck yourself in under the covers and take a nap any time of the hour, but not to let anyone guess that. And this few many tips will help you to blend the fine lines of loungewear and outside wear. 

Play up the pairs and mix and match

When we wear the matchy-matchy pieces, things are a little too obvious that you are wearing a loungewear, outside. Thus, for daytime it is easy that you opt not to go for the twinsets, and rather wear carefully curated pieces that are amazingly comfortable. For example, fair a pyjama style top with a pair of blue denim, or denim shorts. Or may be a loosely fitted kaftan with a pair of leggings. Or a knit trouser that is almost like that of a trackpant with a crisp white tee or shirt. As long as you maintain a variation in whatever you are wearing, and find a structure even in relaxed garments, nobody would know that these are your loungwear that you are donning.

The role-play of heels

Another trick to make your loungewear seem fancy is by adding cute, little pairs of heels to your outfit. All this takes is a little planning before you move out of your house. A slipper will direct the look straight to your bedroom, so why not opt for lock heels in bold colours and create a statement look? This will distract people that you are I your sweats or pjs, and instead draw all the attention over how comfortable, effortless and playful you look.

Experiment with the proportions

Nothing screams “LOUNGEWEAR” more than when the long sleeves meet the long pants! So, to avoid looking like as if you are just getting ready for bed why not you experiment with the proportions a little? You can either add some volume to your outfits or pair a shorter hemline with a long top. Go for a thigh-touching robe jacket with a silk shirt, paired with cropped jeans. You this you can create a look, which is less obvious than the ‘sleepwear’ silhouette.

Elevate the look with accessories and jewellery

The best way to style a loungewear as an outside wear is probably by throwing in some statement jewellery to it. It maybe a cocktail ring or a statement choker, which will prove your day’s outfit.

Try to keep one print per outfit

Another thing that screams bedtime is a matching print-on-print outfit. So instead of wearing matching prints altogether, why not make things more interesting? You could layer a printed shirt with a blazer and style it with a pair of denims or block-coloured trousers. You can actually slip back into your trouser the moment you head back home and Tada you are ready for bed!

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